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My Summer Holiday TBR List 2015

One way and other, this year has been a bit intense so far.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that for the first time in ages I found myself feeling relaxed and with some headspace to spare.  I’m sure it’s no coincidence that since then I’ve gone into a reading frenzy that I plan … Continue reading

Guest Author – Benjamin Johncock – Q&A on The Last Pilot

There are a couple of unusual things about today’s post. One is the profound effect Benjamin Johncock’s novel The Last Pilot has had on me. The other is the fact that I have never before spent three years anticipating a debut novel by someone I didn’t know, which I did from the moment I read … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Stephen May on San Francisco

After the fantastic response to Naomi Wood’s Hemingway’s Havana, the inaugural post in the WRITERS ON LOCATION series, today I am delighted to welcome Stephen May to the Literary Sofa. It’s not the first time his fiction has appeared here – Life! Death! Prizes! was one of my Hot Picks 2012 and since then our paths … Continue reading

There’s no easy way to put food on the table….

Doing the weekly grocery shop online is a lifesaver for busy people.  My local supermarket is a mere 10 minute drive from the house, but even so  I never make it home in under two hours.  Given that I write during the school day, let’s call that half a day wasted (including recovery time). Doing … Continue reading

Spontaneity is good

Welcome to my blog.  A writer friend told me I should write one.  OK, I said, but what about ?  I deserved the look she gave me.  That’s the beauty of blogging, the freedom to write about whatever you like when you like.  There’s no need for a plan, a structure or a plot, and … Continue reading