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Writers on Location – Peter Papathanasiou on the Australian Outback

The last couple of months seem to have raced by. As usual I’m juggling several projects including a new mentoring role on the Retreat West novel course, which I am really enjoying, and gearing up to start writing my own. Today’s guest post by Pete Papathanasiou may be the first in a long time but … Continue reading

Guest Author – Nicola White on Writing the 1980s

Hello! I hope you are staying safe and finding ways to cope with the exceptionally challenging situation we are all living through. I’m going to keep my promise not to dwell on it here as I can vouch for the psychological benefits of at least trying to think about something else.  To my great relief, … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Rod Reynolds on Hot Springs, Arkansas

Considering that crime fiction isn’t my area, it holds a lot of positive associations.  It was five years ago in London, on a Faber Crime Writing weekend (don’t ask), that I met my good friend and critique partner Kristin Celms – who lives in Minnesota. I’ve been invited to talk about book blogging at the … Continue reading

Guest Author – Anya Lipska: The Challenge of setting Crime Fiction in London’s Polish Community

Crime is rare on the Literary Sofa, but I am not immune to it.  I have real admiration for anyone who can write good crime fiction, which seems to demand a layer of extra skills. I can’t critique or review this genre because I don’t understand its mysterious workings, but as a reader the crime … Continue reading

Guest Author – Janet O’Kane on Self-Publishing her Crime Debut

In a difficult market more and more writers are deciding to self-publish their fiction and one of the challenges they face is attracting a readership when many people have an unfavourable perception of books which don’t carry the endorsement of a publishing house. Whilst some of the common concerns about quality are undoubtedly justified, it seems unfair … Continue reading

Book Review – Hawthorn & Child by Keith Ridgway

I need to tell you something right up front – I don’t think any review can really do this book justice.  It’s the impossibility of the task that makes me even willing to attempt it, and if that makes no sense, welcome to the strange world of North London detectives Hawthorn & Child. Keith Ridgway … Continue reading