Fiction Hot Picks 2015

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Guest Author – Antonia Honeywell: Agented and Unpublished

Firstly, thank you for the extraordinary response to Nikesh Shukla’s brilliant post on the subject of diversity in fiction last week and for the many thoughtful contributions (here and elsewhere) to a debate which people are clearly keen to have whether or not they agree with his ‘provocation’ to white writers – and some expressed valid … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Christopher Bollen on Long Island

I’m sure you know the immense satisfaction that comes from thinking a book sounds right up your street and finding that is indeed the case.  That happened to me with Christopher Bollen’s second novel Orient, a sophisticated murder mystery set on Long Island.  It has everything I most enjoy about contemporary American fiction and is … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Jill Alexander Essbaum on Zürich

Hausfrau is the first novel by acclaimed American poet Jill Alexander Essbaum and I was fortunate enough to read it six months ago, knowing only that its UK publishers at Mantel were very excited about it.  As anyone who runs a literary blog knows, it’s a publisher’s job to be excited about the titles they release – … Continue reading