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Guest Author – Louise Walters on Writing in a young person’s voice

This week is a first and a third! I’m really delighted to welcome Louise Walters as the first author ever to appear on the Literary Sofa three times (links to her previous posts are included below).  Louise has been a loyal supporter of the blog since it started over six years ago, we have got … Continue reading

Guest Author – Louise Walters on handling multiple timelines and points of view (POV)

I’m delighted to welcome back Louise Walters as today’s guest author, for some quite personal reasons. Louise has been a supporter of the Literary Sofa from the very start and although she was several years ahead in her writing career, we have kept each other company through many highs and lows (understatement) and become good friends … Continue reading

Guest Author – Louise Walters on the Role of Books in Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase

It’s always a real pleasure to welcome a writer who’s also a loyal follower of the Literary Sofa to talk about their debut novel. Today’s guest Louise Walters has been reading this blog for as long as I’ve been writing it and we’ve also got to know each other in real life. Watching her on the … Continue reading