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Guest Author – Sanjida Kay on Switching Genres

This isn’t the first time Sanjida Kay (AKA Sanjida O’Connell) has stepped in to keep the Literary Sofa warm whilst I’ve been frantically busy with my writing – the final version of Paris Mon Amour is now with the proof-reader! – and once again I am very grateful to her. When Sanjida told me she had switched genres … Continue reading

Guest Author – Sanjida O’Connell on Editing her Novels

I’m very grateful to this week’s guest, the multi-talented Sanjida O’Connell, for offering to step in and keep the Literary Sofa warm.  It’s fitting that she has chosen to share her extensive and varied experience of editing novels since that’s precisely what’s keeping me so busy as crunch time approaches for my own manuscript. Sanjida … Continue reading