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The Writing Process – My Interview on Ruth Hunt’s blog

As promised, for those not on Twitter or who missed it there (easily done!) here’s the link to an interview I’ve just done for Ruth Hunt’s series on The Writing Process.  Thanks to Ruth for inviting me to take part and for asking such great questions – the other posts in the series are very illuminating.  Ruth is very well-read and a really interesting person to follow @prozactaker.

Later this week I’ll be writing about what I’ve learnt from an intense few days spent reading Robert McKee’s STORY – Principles of Screenwriting cover to cover, but to sum it up in two words: A LOT.

Next week Naomi Wood, author of the fabulous MRS HEMINGWAY (one of my Fiction Hot Picks 2014), will be opening my new guest series   AUTHORS ON LOCATION.  Naomi will be writing about her experiences in one of Ernest’s haunts, Havana.  Meanwhile, last week’s first two hander guest post with writer Zoe Pilger and editor Hannah Westland was one of the most popular to date.

About Isabel Costello

Novelist and short story writer based in London. Debut novel PARIS MON AMOUR now out in digital and audio, paperback on 22 May 2017. Host of the Literary Sofa blog.


2 thoughts on “The Writing Process – My Interview on Ruth Hunt’s blog

  1. I enjoyed this! Especially the part about using knock backs for motivation fuel! Thanks cat

    Posted by chillcat | February 3, 2014, 19:20

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