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Guest Author – Juliet West on Narrative Voice

In the year marking the centenary of the start of World War One I was expecting a flood of historical fiction set during that period but that doesn’t seem to have happened and I’ve only read a couple of titles so far. Before The Fall, the debut from today’s guest author Juliet West impressed me … Continue reading

Guest Author – Wendy Wallace on Setting a historical novel in a foreign country

When Wendy Wallace appeared on the Literary Sofa in June 2012 as my first ever Guest Author, it was a great start to what has since become one of the most popular regular features on the blog. Wendy and I now know each other in real life too, so I am doubly pleased to welcome … Continue reading

Guest Author – Lydia Netzer – Writing about Being Different

* UK GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED – SEE END OF POST * One of the greatest challenges faced by any writer of fiction is to create characters the reader will find relatable and recognisable but, at the same time, to make them unique individuals and not stereotypes. Lydia Netzer’s quirky and original debut features protagonists who aren’t remotely like … Continue reading

Guest Author – Mary Beth Keane on Fictionalising a Historical Figure

Most writers say they learn from every book they read and I’d agree with that.  Whilst it’s very valuable to observe how others handle a similar theme, style or genre, for me there’s a particular fascination, often mixed with admiration, to reading something I wouldn’t attempt myself,  and that includes the fictional portrayal of a historical … Continue reading

Guest Author – Tracy Chevalier on writing about the Underground Railroad

Given my love of US fiction, it’s surprising that I haven’t hosted an American guest author before now, but it’s been worth the wait – I’m thrilled to welcome international bestselling author Tracy Chevalier to the Literary Sofa.  Tracy has written seven novels including Girl with a Pearl Earring which sold over 4 million copies.  I … Continue reading

Guest Author – Sarah Butler Ten Things I’ve learnt whilst writing about Cities

Despite growing up in the country I’ve become a real city person as an adult and have lived in London (south then north) for over half my life.  In any city, I’m particularly drawn to the everyday and what often goes unnoticed. It was Sarah Butler’s ability to observe and capture the real essence of London which made … Continue reading

Guest Author – Katharina Hagena on her Debut being Translated into 24 Languages

My Hot Picks for 2013 includes two titles in translation, the first time that foreign-language fiction has been featured here. Whenever I wander around a bookshop in a non English-speaking country, I’m amazed how many titles are in translation – and not just from the huge English language market. The fact is, many other nationalities … Continue reading

Guest Author – Emma Chapman on Setting her Debut Novel in Scandinavia

Emma Chapman’s debut novel How To Be A Good Wife was released last week after months of mounting anticipation amongst would-be readers.  I had the good fortune to read a review copy in the autumn and to meet Emma and other up-and-coming Picador authors shortly afterwards, and I was so impressed with her debut that it made … Continue reading

Guest Post – Lesley McDowell on Literary Critics and Book Bloggers

Last week’s post Literary Taste – Who’s to Judge? attracted a lot of interest and thought-provoking contributions from readers, including literary critic Lesley McDowell.  Her comments made me want to understand the perspective of professional critics, so in the interests of balance, I invited Lesley to join me On the Literary Sofa: When Sir Peter Stothard said … Continue reading

Guest Author – Lloyd Shepherd on The Difference between Writing a First and Second Novel

It’s always fun when writers I know in the real world join me on the Literary Sofa.  Enter today’s guest Lloyd Shepherd, author of The English Monster, the novel that made me rethink my attitude to historical fiction when I reviewed it on publication.    UPDATE: Lloyd’s second novel The Poisoned Island is now out (February 2013) … Continue reading

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