Hot Picks 2012

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Book Review – The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

I’ve never posted a review on the day a novel is published before, but I’ve been excited about The Age of Miracles since I first heard about it last year and it’s one of my Fiction Hot Picks for 2012.  21 June is midsummer day, the longest day of the year and a fitting date for … Continue reading

Book Review – The English Monster by Lloyd Shepherd

I’ve never been drawn to historical fiction, probably because I hated history at school and gave it up at the earliest opportunity.  But in fact, some of the novels I love definitely fall into this category:  anything by Sarah Waters; John Harding’s Florence & Giles set in Victorian era New England which was one of … Continue reading

Book Review – The Bellwether Revivals by Benjamin Wood

I love spreading the word about good fiction, especially by debut authors – you can take my reviews as recommendations because I don’t have time to spend on books I haven’t enjoyed.  It’s fascinating taking a critical look at how and why a novel works but it can be surprisingly hard to pin down.  Some … Continue reading

Book Review – Jubilee by Shelley Harris

My memories of childhood are surprisingly indistinct.  When I say ‘childhood’, I mean up to the age of 11 or so (I recall the next 10 years with excruciating clarity). I guess I was happily growing up in the country, playing (OK, fighting) with my sister, having a generically uneventful time.  Of course a few … Continue reading