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Guest Author – Nicola White on Writing the 1980s

Hello! I hope you are staying safe and finding ways to cope with the exceptionally challenging situation we are all living through. I’m going to keep my promise not to dwell on it here as I can vouch for the psychological benefits of at least trying to think about something else.  To my great relief, … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Catherine Dunne on Extremadura, Spain

With scorching weather and the start of the school holidays here in the UK, this is the time many of us relish losing ourselves in a good book, whether we’re staying put or getting away. The term Summer Reads means different things to different people and although I use it for one of my two … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Annemarie Neary on Roaringwater Bay, West Cork, Ireland

By coincidence, my Hot Picks 2016  included three Irish writers. If I were to analyse my selections to date, it’s a fair bet that American authors would come out on top but recently I’ve been particularly impressed with the new talent from Ireland’s ever-vibrant literary scene: Louise O’Neill, Rob Doyle, Lisa McInerney (now longlisted for … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Lisa McInerney on Cork City

Following my ‘gratifyingly juicy’ (he said, and it really was) conversation with Rob Doyle last week I’m delighted to welcome Lisa McInerney, another bold and brilliant Irish writer, to the Literary Sofa today. Lisa’s debut novel The Glorious Heresies took the final spot on my Hot Picks 2016 and, as so often the case, I knew … Continue reading

Guest Author – Conversation with Rob Doyle

I’m happy to say that all three of the brilliant Irish writers* from my Hot Picks 2016 will be joining me on the Literary Sofa in the coming weeks, starting with Rob Doyle, author of This is the Ritual, the first story collection to be included in my selections.  Following publication of his astonishing first … Continue reading