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Interview for the Booktrail: Languages, travel and foreign fiction

Following our real life meeting at a launch last summer, Susan, who runs the excellent Booktrail blog, recently invited me for a virtual ‘coffee and cake‘ and a chat about our shared obsessions which include languages (I think she speaks more than I do), travel and both foreign language fiction and novels in general which have a strong and interesting setting.  Thanks to Susan for asking such great questions – I really enjoyed taking part and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Come back tomorrow when I finally pull the covers off my Summer Reads 2015.  I was at a book party last night where people were tapping me to find out what’s on it but not even a couple of glasses of rosé could persuade me…  as with so many things, the anticipation is part of the fun!

About Isabel Costello

Writer (novels: Paris Mon Amour 2017; Scent 2021).Host of the Literary Sofa blog. Co-founder of Resilience for Writers with Voula Tsoflias. Perfume lover and Francophile.


2 thoughts on “Interview for the Booktrail: Languages, travel and foreign fiction

  1. Lovely having you over and thanks for a great chat about bookish things!

    Posted by thebooktrailer | May 19, 2015, 11:00
  2. I bet the interview was fun. It’s always delightful to talk to someone who is fond of learning languages, and you can share tips with them that can help improve your language proficiency. Travel stories must have bounced between the two of you like a ping pong ball, seeing that both of you just love to travel.

    Posted by All Graduates | On Site Interpreting | June 2, 2015, 03:08

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