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Two Weeks in the Canadian Rockies and NW Montana

There’s nothing like mountains, or any vast natural landscape formed millions of years ago, to remind us humans how tiny and temporary we are.  When you look at it that way, our trip to the Canadian Rockies and north-western corner of Montana wasn’t as long ago as it feels (back at the beginning of my … Continue reading

Guest Author – Patrick Gale on Writing A Place Called Winter

It is a huge pleasure to welcome prolific bestselling author Patrick Gale to the Literary Sofa today.  Patrick’s long and successful literary career had an unusual beginning back in 1986 when his first two novels were published on the same day.  He has since written over a dozen more as well as two short story collections … Continue reading

Book Review – Canada by Richard Ford

In my Book Review: The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides I talked about the fear and apprehension that sometimes come with reading something new by a ‘Literary Giant’.  I could very easily have included Richard Ford in my list – his status as a giant of American literature is beyond question – but it simply didn’t … Continue reading

Top 10 Summer Reads 2012

Welcome to my Top 10 Summer Reads 2012.  Competition has been fierce and the list could have been five times longer, but I hope my selection has something to suit all tastes: from literary to light, a cracking thriller, different periods in history and a wide range of settings from Australia to Canada and many places in between.  I’ve read most … Continue reading