Hot Picks 2015

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Guest Author – Claire Fuller on Giving your Characters a Hard Time

As I prefer to open a book knowing the bare minimum about it (yes, that is weird coming from someone who constantly recommends books but at least I don’t do spoilers), I am very influenced by titles and a beautiful and intriguing one like Claire Fuller’s Our Endless Numbered Days is guaranteed to attract my attention.  (It’s actually … Continue reading

Writers on Location – Peter Nichols on Mallorca

I launched the Writers on Location series almost a year ago to showcase novels which have interesting settings and a particularly strong sense of place. It’s become very popular and has featured some fascinating pieces by authors who’ve set their books in locations that were sometimes new to them, sometimes familiar and in some cases, their home town. If … Continue reading

Fiction Hot Picks 2015

This is my seventh Literary Sofa selection of new/forthcoming releases and I am as excited as ever to share my choices with you.  I can’t recommend a novel I haven’t read, so to arrive at the final 13 I considered dozens, enjoying many from cover to cover.  These made the cut because I think they’re all highly compelling, well-written … Continue reading