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On Female Sexuality and Motherhood

Come as you areAnother quick link, to my latest guest post related to Paris Mon Amour: today I’m really excited to be featured on Naomi Frisby’s  The Writes of Woman.  It’s one of my favourite blogs (and she was kind enough to say the same of mine.)

The theme is double standards, female sexuality and motherhood, and no, shying away from big topics is definitely not my style! There’s already been a lively response to the article with some great comments from different perspectives.  If you fancy joining the conversation, I will reply to all contributions.

To the left is one of three recommended books mentioned in my piece – the others are below.  I also highly recommend Emily Nagoski’s website The Dirty Normal.  This stuff is all so interesting and so much part of life that it amazes me it’s so shrouded in secrecy (guilt, shame, etc).


IMG_1698 (1)




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Novelist and short story writer based in London. Debut novel PARIS MON AMOUR now out in digital and audio, paperback on 22 May 2017. Host of the Literary Sofa blog.


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