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The Story behind Stories for Homes – an anthology in aid of Shelter

You could say this post is a promoblog, or a literad. Whatever it is, featuring a title with the express aim of encouraging people to buy it is not something I’ve done before on the Literary Sofa, but I hope you’ll soon see why I’m making an exception. This week saw the publication of the … Continue reading

Short Fiction: Family Snapshots eBook Singles

Name your favourite family novel or story and you could win the amazing First Prize of ALL the individual collections by the authors in the Family Snapshots series.  Closes on Fathers’ Day, 16 June – see end of post for details. Life is never boring on the Literary Sofa. Proofs, finished copies, e-mails and press releases compete … Continue reading

Short Fiction Special

Display of Short Story Collections, Daunt Books, Marylebone Until relatively recently, I was a short fiction sceptic.  The fact that I rarely read it didn’t stop me having a rather dismissive attitude: weren’t short stories a bit trivial and unsatisfying?  Why would I spend time on them when I could be reading a novel?  I was far from alone in my … Continue reading

My Novel – Now out in paperback