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A Novel Process – the ‘Re-type Draft’

Like many novelists, I get asked a lot of tricky questions and that’s not likely to change when my next book comes out. (Yes, I’m saying ‘when’ because I have to believe that to put myself through this.)  Today’s post – by popular demand! – looks at some of those questions and my experience of … Continue reading

Guest Author – Debi Alper on the many routes to publication

One of the best parts about running the Literary Sofa over the last five years has been getting to know my guest authors.  Some I knew already, most of them I didn’t at the time they were featured but in many cases we have since met in person, by arrangement or by chance. But today … Continue reading

6⅔ Things I Learnt from Rewriting my Book

Last week it was a real pleasure to be asked to write a guest post for Writers’ Workshop on the much hoped-for outcome of my rewriting mission – getting an agent. Literary Sofa regulars have followed the process, given me invaluable support and shared their own experiences here (see Writing section), but the WW post … Continue reading

Guest Author – Sanjida O’Connell on Editing her Novels

I’m very grateful to this week’s guest, the multi-talented Sanjida O’Connell, for offering to step in and keep the Literary Sofa warm.  It’s fitting that she has chosen to share her extensive and varied experience of editing novels since that’s precisely what’s keeping me so busy as crunch time approaches for my own manuscript. Sanjida … Continue reading