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Guest Author – Lochlan Bloom on Kickstarting Literary Publishing

Today’s post is a great follow-up to Tom Vowler on crowdfunding his collection Dazzling the Gods.  I’m amazed how difficult it is to get any book published but there are certain types of fiction which face additional hurdles due to preconceptions about what readers want.  This can lead to questionable assumptions and self-fulfilling prophesies.  Is … Continue reading

Guest Author – Linda Grant on The Self in Fiction

Linda Grant is one of the UK’s leading literary novelists and writers of non-fiction. She has been awarded many prizes including the Orange Prize for her second novel When I Lived in Modern Times, 2000. As I’ve mentioned before, her novel The Clothes on their Backs, short-listed for the 2008 Booker Prize, was the book which … Continue reading

Summer Reads 2014

*SEE END OF POST FOR COMPETITION WINNERS* I’m very excited to unveil the Literary Sofa SUMMER READS 2014. From a field of over 50 titles considered, the twelve books I selected reflect the breadth of my taste and hopefully also yours. You’ll find crime and mystery, a memoir, comic and tragic family sagas, intriguing tales … Continue reading

2013 – My Year in Books

Although it always seems weird that people start talking about their books of the year before December has even begun – the newspapers were already at it last weekend – my excuse is that I’m reading new releases in order to compile my Hot Picks of 2014 for publication next month. Looking back on the year’s … Continue reading

Book Review – Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Kate Atkinson is one of Britain’s foremost literary novelists writing today – of this there is no doubt.  Unlike many other writers of that rank, she doesn’t subject her fans to long waits between titles.  Since her debut Behind the Scenes at the Museum won the Whitbread (now Costa) Book of the Year in 1995 … Continue reading

Book Review – NW by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith’s fourth novel NW has taken seven years to appear.  Only elite novelists can get away with a gap that long, which sounds like a creative luxury but comes with the added pressure caused by a build-up of expectation.  I was looking forward to it having really enjoyed her previous novel On Beauty (2005). It turns … Continue reading

Book Review – Arcadia by Lauren Groff

The question of what literary fiction is, or isn’t, is one that both frustrates and fascinates me.  I’ve read many novels designated literary and not understood what distinguishes them from really well-written commercial fiction (now sometimes referred to as upmarket commercial).  One criterion common to the various definitions of literary fiction is that the writing itself, the … Continue reading