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Book Review – We Had It So Good by Linda Grant

Last week’s blogpost 2011 – My Year in Books was about the way certain novels become significant in our lives in a way which transcends the words on the page.  A couple more of mine are The Line of Beauty (2004) by Alan Hollinghurst which awed me to the point of putting me off trying to write (ridiculous, … Continue reading

Columbia Road Market in Words & Pictures

Yesterday was the day for one of our festive family traditions.  By that, I mean my own little family, which is me, my husband and our two sons age 13 and 9, whose childhood experiences of Christmas are different to mine in every way.  I took a few pictures, which gave me the idea for this … Continue reading

Book Review: Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman

For once, my book group didn’t take issue with the novel which won the Booker prize this year, but when we decided to read one from the shortlist, Pigeon English was the unamimous choice even though I don’t think any of us was actually looking forward to it.   Debut author Stephen Kelman’s impetus to write … Continue reading

On Location: #1 South Bank, London

On Location is a new series of posts about places which feature in my novel, minus the context.  So the focus is on the place and why I think it’s interesting, NOT the part it plays in the book.  (I hope you’ll find that out one day when you read it !)  I’ll throw in a few … Continue reading