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Guest Author – Isabel Losada: Sex – Let’s be honest

I’ve resisted using this line for more than six years but this week’s extended post really is Sex on the Literary Sofa, discussed in very frank terms by two women called Isabel.  This is the moment where I might say ‘click away if you don’t like the sound of that’ – except that I really … Continue reading

Guest Post – Ben Blackman on the Christmassy Sofa

I am not a Christmas person but now December is here I am a willing participant in the bit I do like – the social gatherings.  My ideal Christmas consists of escaping somewhere hot and far away with my husband and kids and luckily that’s just what we have planned this year. Today’s silly season blog guest … Continue reading

Guest Author – Ben Blackman on writing Narrative Non-Fiction

Today, for the first time, I’m delighted to welcome an as-yet-unpublished writer to the Literary Sofa. My guest is a popular and witty presence on Twitter and has livened up my day many, many times. Together we have plotted to take over the Vatican. We are engaged in an apostrophe war with no end in … Continue reading