Fiction Hot Picks 2013

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Guest Author – Mary Beth Keane on Fictionalising a Historical Figure

Most writers say they learn from every book they read and I’d agree with that.  Whilst it’s very valuable to observe how others handle a similar theme, style or genre, for me there’s a particular fascination, often mixed with admiration, to reading something I wouldn’t attempt myself,  and that includes the fictional portrayal of a historical … Continue reading

Guest Author – Karen Campbell on writing beyond her own experience

Many people say they read fiction because a book gives them the chance to step into lives other than their own.  Sometimes this comes in the form of escapism, sometimes anything but.  In fact, novels are often judged on the author’s ability to draw the reader into a world which is believable and that can only happen … Continue reading

Book Review – Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw

I’m struggling to think of more than one book I’ve read set in China and I suspect it’s the same one everyone else has read: Wild Swans (1991) by Jung Chang, a historical masterpiece and international bestseller published a good while ago.  So much about China has changed since then including global perceptions – it’s opened up considerably and … Continue reading

Book Review – The Engagement by Chloe Hooper

When compiling my two main listings of the year I always like to include fiction from different parts of the world.  The vivid sense of both urban and rural Australia in Chloe Hooper’s novel The Engagement  is one of many qualities which earned it a place in my Fiction Hot Picks for 2013.  Unlike most of … Continue reading

Guest Author – Sarah Butler Ten Things I’ve learnt whilst writing about Cities

Despite growing up in the country I’ve become a real city person as an adult and have lived in London (south then north) for over half my life.  In any city, I’m particularly drawn to the everyday and what often goes unnoticed. It was Sarah Butler’s ability to observe and capture the real essence of London which made … Continue reading

Book Review – The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont

HALF of my Fiction Hot Picks for 2013 have a January UK publication date, and I didn’t anticipate what a scramble it would be to give them the attention they deserve. They are all excellent of course, but The Starboard Sea is one of the best books I’ve read in years, which is why it’s the … Continue reading

Guest Author – Emma Chapman on Setting her Debut Novel in Scandinavia

Emma Chapman’s debut novel How To Be A Good Wife was released last week after months of mounting anticipation amongst would-be readers.  I had the good fortune to read a review copy in the autumn and to meet Emma and other up-and-coming Picador authors shortly afterwards, and I was so impressed with her debut that it made … Continue reading

Fiction Hot Picks for 2013

2012 has been an incredible first full year for the Literary Sofa and after months of research, tip-offs and an intense reading marathon, it’s time to unveil my Fiction Hot Picks for 2013.  It’s very rewarding when people tell me my blog is where they go to find out about the best new fiction, and compiling these listings is one … Continue reading