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Interior Life – Part One

There’s a post on Facebook that many of you will have seen and in some cases reposted on your own timeline as requested by the person who originally wrote it.  I don’t know who that was or have it to hand but it goes something like everyone is fighting battles you know nothing about…  The … Continue reading

Paris Before and After

One morning last week I found myself on the Eurostar to Paris with a strong cup of coffee, reading a book about Baudelaire, one of my literary heroes (‘influences’ sounds a bit pretentious).  Rain pelted the windows, the sky low and heavy as he painted it in his poem Spleen but that didn’t matter to me.  I … Continue reading

Dark Days Back Home

I am touched to know that it only takes a week or so of unexplained online silence to get people wondering what’s up with me and I am very thankful to have so many supportive friends.  I’ve spent most of the past ten days in my home town of Salisbury in Wiltshire following the horrible … Continue reading

Malaysia – Two Weeks in the Tropics

Travelling is a passion I share with my family.  My husband and I started planning a big trip almost as soon as we met.  Our sons, 16 and 12, have seen a lot of the world with us.  Our horizons have broadened along with our awareness of how fortunate we are in so many ways. We decided to … Continue reading

Guest Post – Ben Blackman on the Christmassy Sofa

I am not a Christmas person but now December is here I am a willing participant in the bit I do like – the social gatherings.  My ideal Christmas consists of escaping somewhere hot and far away with my husband and kids and luckily that’s just what we have planned this year. Today’s silly season blog guest … Continue reading

My First Year as an Agented Writer

A year ago, after a radical re-write of my first novel, I found myself in the midst of something I never thought would happen – having previously failed to get anywhere, my book and I had finally succeeded in attracting the interest of several literary agents.  I’ve been thinking back to that fevered, exhilarating time … Continue reading

Guest Author – Alice Jolly on Crowdfunding – How to make new friends (and lose old ones)

*PUBLICATION UPDATE – JULY 2015* **CONGRATULATIONS to Alice Jolly and to her publishers Unbound on the publication of Dead Babies and Seaside Towns.  The hardback edition (see the cover below) is a thing of beauty as befits this extraordinary true story and it is rightfully receiving a great deal of media attention.** As with many … Continue reading

Endless Distractions

I’m winging it this week.  The planned guest post hasn’t materialised – nobody’s fault, just one of those things.  And right now life is full of ‘those things’. I’m finding it hard to keep all my plates spinning – maybe that’s why my eye was drawn to author David Mitchell’s piece in The Atlantic.  It’s called … Continue reading

Making a Difference – the WoMentoring Project

I’m back on the Literary Sofa after a lovely Easter break in which I got to spend some time with my sons (to my great relief I didn’t have to nag my eldest to revise for GCSEs – apparently a month before is a reasonable time to get your act together). It ended with the … Continue reading

My First Five Years as a Writer

It’s five years to the day since I started writing fiction (for someone so terrible with numbers, I am surprisingly good with dates).  By that I mean actually doing it.  Not thinking about it.  Not talking about it.  I’d been doing that for years. During the period leading up to me signing with my agent … Continue reading

My Novel – Now out in paperback